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3C Sales

First, solution sales is not, in fact, dead. It is still necessary, but no longer sufficient on its own. While fundamental changes to core concepts are needed, sellers and companies that dismiss solution sales outright place their sales success in grave danger. Second, winners don’t just sell differently, they sell radically differently than the sellers who come in second place. And the winners sell differently in both surprising and fascinating ways. Third, demographic research results have revealed opposite results. Thus, in many ways, outlined a 3C model, that sellers and organizations can follow to sell like the winners.

User Awareness for Cloud Platform

Following are some user awareness parameters for the cloud computing services:
1. User must know the data Integrity in cloud computing. It is a measure to ensure integrity like the data accuracy, completeness and reasonable.
2. Compliance:
User must ensure that proper rules and regulations are followed while implementing the structure.
3. Loss of Data:
User must be aware of the provisions, provided in case of loss of data so that backup and recovery can be possible.
4. Business Continuity Plans:
User must consider unforeseen scenarios. Does cloud services provide uninterrupted data resources ?
5. Uptime:
User must know the uptime provided by the cloud computing platform and its relevance for the business.
6. Data Storage Costs:
User must find out the cost incurred for storage in cloud.

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